Building Internet Traffic – 4 Free Traffic Building Methods

Building internet traffic to your blog or website using free methods can be very easy. The concepts below give ideas and some of my experiences on how to increase web traffic.

These free methods can provide enough traffic to get your site established and growing if you work them. Then, you can repeat the ones you like and do well, and add even more visitors.

1. Write an Article, or a Hundred

Yes, just like this one I wrote that you are reading. You can write up a few ideas, about 500 words, and post it to a number of places.

If you search in Google, you’ll find thousands of article directories. Understand that any article on a directory will provide a link back to your site, but some will have more traffic than others.

When you write an article or make a video, you then upload it to a directory where people can fin it. You want to get some of their traffic to your site. Naturally, you want to post to the best places, right?

You can easily find a list of the top ten or 20 article indices, or the top video directories. Use that as a guide to get started.

I also extensively use an article distribution service. I write, put my article into their service, and they distribute it.

For a free way to get traffic, very few ways beat article marketing.

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

Let’s make a quick distinction: Social networking is for talking, keeping tabs on the friends, seeing what people are up to in general.

Social bookmarking sites keep track of your bookmarks so you don’t’ have to have your computer with you, and so you can also share your internet escapades with others.

Of course, you can list all your bookmarks at your Facebook account. But you can also set up a Stumbleupon account, or Digg or Reddit account.

Other surfers – your future visitors – use these services to see if a site is worth visiting. If you post good sites, they will look at them.

Be careful! You can’t start building internet traffic by posting a bunch of links to your own sites! You need to link to other good sites. You can have a link to your own site in your profile.

If you link to just your own pages, surfers will ignore yo, may complain, and you may find your account deleted.

You can, of course, stumble sites that link to you.

3. Give Away Free Reports

Let’s say you write a 5 page report. You can give this away on a free PDF site. This works, you get visitors to see what else you have.

These are also called free eBook directories. People spend time there looking for a good read or how to do something. Adding yours to the site isn’t too hard, either.

4. Free Press Releases

Many press release sites require a payment, but several are free. To find a list, you cans search on your favorite search engine.

A press release is like an article, but has a different format. Read several before you send one out – you want it to be a real press release.

By the way, you can do a press release on anything. On a new video, a new ebook, free or paid, on a special blog post or contest.

Keep Learning

Once you can build traffic, you can do great things on the internet. This list could go on for pages. These are just a few of the basics for traffic building.

One hint: you don’t have to do all of them, and you don’t have to be great at all of them. Start with a few, and get better at those, then add a new method when you feel confident.

I have written over 100 articles – which I consider a drop in the bucket. Okay, maybe a few cups in the bucket. I still like article writing, but I have been branching out, and plan to add much more in the future.

Importance of Free Online Business Directories

A lot of free online business directories are getting full attention right now because a lot of customers are getting several benefits from it due to the fact that they hold a compilation of information for different businesses. However rampant these online directories are in our time today, many small businesses still cannot afford it because almost all of them are requiring payment. Given this fact, the question now is despite being required to pay a certain amount, why should people still depend on these directories?

First of all, these online business directories are a very good form of advertising for a lot of online businesses out there. Even though the business is just a small one and is just starting out, the fact that a lot of people look into these directories daily already increases the chance that these small businesses will receive more traffic. The job of attracting a lot of people will already be done by these directories given the fact that many people consult them; the only thing you have to do is back this up with interesting enough advertisements to succeed in convincing people to check out your online business. In addition, people will have the liberty to place in as much links they want in these online directories as long as they can really afford it. These directories do not impose limitations to entrepreneurs because anyone who can afford it can simply do as they please with their links.

And speaking of limitations, people who visit these directories are not faced with limited choices of online businesses that are already huge and famous. Either small or large businesses are given an equal opportunity when their links are placed in these online directories. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur who is just starting out with your brand new business, it is a good idea for you to start with online directories because here, it doesn’t matter how long you have been running your own business as long as you choose a field that generally interests a lot of people. Besides, instead of spending your money just to print out advertisement flyers, you can just save them and use them for other things related to making your business more successful. At least with an online directory, even though you spend a small amount for listing your link, you are somehow assured that people will really see your link because people visit these directories daily. Unlike with manual advertising, you will not be sure that people will be able to find their way to your flyers. Therefore you are not assured that the money you spent will really benefit your business in the long run.

For those people who are thinking twice about listing their business link to free online business directories, just think about how your money will be more worth spending on them than on the manual process of advertising. Obviously, these online directories will bring in more profit for your business because of how much people patronize them.

Using Categories on Directory Sites to Build eBook Chapters

If you are considering writing an eBook one good way to get targeted traffic to your website before your eBook is completed is to take each chapter as you complete your eBook and break it down into bite size articles of about 400 words each. Next take these articles and post them on one of the Top Online Article Websites on the Internet, with a byline on the bottom with a link to your website.

What will this do? Well it will send traffic to your of folks that are specifically looking for your type of information. Also incase you are writing your eBook to boost your expert status in your industry sub-sector then you will now have articles plus and eBook. And do not worry about someone reading all the information for free incase you wish to sell your eBook, because you can also divide your articles into many multiple categories on large article marketing online article submission websites or divide your articles across two or three different online article websites. All of which will be sending traffic to you.

So why am I recommending this idea to you today? Well, it just so happens I have written 9860 articles online now and many are clustered in various categories and subjects and they are absolutely excellent material for eBooks. Using Categories on Directory Sites to build eBook Chapters, makes sense and it is also a good way to back-up your work incase of total computer failure. Please consider this in 2006.

Use Free eBooks to Increase Your Sales

Because eBooks provide valuable how-to information to your visitors, they are effective in building your list of prospects. As marketing tool eBooks work silently in the background while allowing you to build your target customer lists and to get responses for your customers on time. The first step toward getting the right responses from those interested in your business is to understand how a basic eBook, long or short, can help boost your sales and business. The following five suggestions can go a long way to help you acquire the right customers.

Submit Articles to Articles Directories – A good and very popular one is EzineArticles. You can find others by doing a search on Google, Yahoo or MSN. This method ensures that you can give abundant information to the public about what is available on your site. This will drive plenty customers to your site by giving customers a database to link to. Your articles provide basic information through links to your eBooks as well as increasing the number of potential buyers on your list.

Posit Yourself as an Expert – Knowledge is “hot cake” on the internet. Endeavour to prove to your visitors that you are an expert in your subject matter, then the validity of your business will grow fast. One way to do so is to write on very specific niches particularly those you are very conversant with. In so doing you will see more responses from your prospects.

Reports About Your eBook – Litter the Internet with short write-up that compliment your eBooks. Articles that are 250 – 500 words are okay as far as they are simple and specific. This makes the customers know about your eBooks, business and your expertise. It also gives direct market-friendly information about your business.

Entice Surfers to Click Your Links. Building an eBook with links alone does not solve your marketing problem. Go ahead and set more traps! Do a preview of your book and your business generally. This should provide general information only. When their appetite is wetted, serious customers will go ahead to follow the link to your blog or website to discover what it takes to download the eBook to get more specific information. The review should be given in “piece meal” possibly on a daily basis.

Use the Resource Box to Acquire More Customers. You must ensure that you provide links back to your site or blog at the end of your articles on the articles submission directories. This generally contains basic information about who you are and what you do. It therefore provides interested customers a way to get back to you after getting the general information on your blog/site.

Generally speaking, as you set out, follow these steps on a daily basis. This will bring more traffic to your site. As the traffic grows add more options like Autoresponder. With time you can turn traffic into customers selling your eBooks and other available products to your list.

To start with, free eBooks are available all over the Internet. Some of them are copyright-free and can be used as a gift. You should use the free eBooks to buy time for yourself while writing your own. Also, Ghostwriters are always ready to help out on a fee those who are not comfortable writing an eBook on their own.

To learn more on how to create increasing profits from your Internet business, you need to visit my blog for other highly guarded secrets of success on your different Internet-based businesses: []

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Boosting Your Business With Words – How Free eBooks Can Add Up in Sales

Guide eBooks provide valuable information to your visitors, and that is why they are effective in retaining your list of interested subscribers. An eBook can work as a marketing tool while allowing you to build your target customer list and to get responses for your customers. Understanding how a basic eBook, of any length, can help boost your sales and business, is the first step toward getting the right responses from those interested in your business. Following these five tips as a marketing staple for your business can then lead to the right customer affiliations.

1. Become the expert. The number one concept that most customers look for when browsing through the Internet is knowledge. If you are able to show visitors that you know your business and topic, then it builds the validity of your company. Making sure you find a very specific topic that is based around information you know best will ensure more responses from potential customers.

2. Entice your customers to visit. After you have built an eBook, you want to make sure that customers are introduced to a preview of your business and information. Taking the general information about your business or eBook and posting this to a blog on a daily basis will show customers that you know more of the information you are presenting, while providing them with a preview of information to come.

3. Write more to compliment your eBook. By writing articles, even that are only 300 words, you will be able to let customers know more about your eBook, business and levels of knowledge. Doing this is a way to let others know that you are the expert, while giving direct information about your business.

4. Submissions. For your customers to be driven to your site, you will want to make sure that you get the word into the public about the information you have available. Submitting articles to directories, such as EzineArticles, will give customers a database to link to. Doing this will allow them to find basic information from your articles that will link to your site for the eBook information or to build into your list of potential customers.

5. Lead customers back to you from a resource box. As you are building into article submission directories, you want to make sure that you provide a link back to your site or blog. Giving basic information about who you are and what you do will give customers a way to get back to your site while gaining more knowledge from your blog.

When you begin, you will want to follow these steps on a daily basis. Eventually, this will lead traffic and subscribers to your site. After this grows, you will be able to move forward with more options by adding in an auto responder system. After a given period of time, you can turn the traffic into customers by selling your list of subscribers the eBook you have available, as well as other products that you have built.

If you are not comfortable with writing a book yourself there are many eBooks that are copyright free and can be used as a give away. These Free eBooks can save you writing time or give you ideas on what to focus on in your own book.

Find thousands of free eBooks to download now! Submit your reviews to promote your expertise and get clients. Go to [] and join today for FREE.

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Get $15,000 in 283 High Quality FREE Ebooks Online to Build Your Digital Store Just Today!

I’ve recently come across a huge directory of digital products and turnkey solutions. I’ve looked through their eBook database and liked them so much that I registered immediately. I found all these free ebooks online very valuable and high quality to use for my online projects in order to boost up my monthly income.

These products made such a deep impression on me that I decided to share my own opinion with you. No matter, you are a newbie or an established internet marketer, these high quality products can help you easily build multiple income streams online. I’ve already got multiple ideas to use them for fast profit. But in this article I’d like to talk about one of the most profitable businesses – selling ebooks with resell rights.

Here are some important tips on how to build a profitable digital product store using free ebooks online:

1. When it comes to building an online product store, you are recommended to sell ebooks and software with resell rights. In this way, you will attract more buyers, as everyone wants to profit from products with resale rights by selling them again and again.

2. What I like about the digital product business is that you can put any price you want for these ebooks master resell rights or private label rights. Of course, it would be smarter to set up an affordable price to sell more.

3. And the best thing is that you can create a store using only free ebooks online with resale rights. So you can build your own eBook store for FREE just today, if we do not mention the set up fee.

Where To Get FREE, High-Quality Ebooks, Software and Videos With Full Resell Rights?

If you are on a tight budget or want to start your online business as fast as possible, then you can use valuable, but FREE downloadable ebooks software, videos at the Resellers Heaven directory which I also use for my online projects. You will get a 5-day FREE access!

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Free Ebooks – an In-Depth Study

As you all know the most profitable thing to sell online is information and this can be done by creating an ebook. Nowadays most websites owners have this trend of giving away free ebooks for their prospects. While some offer ebooks for free the others choose to offer their ebooks to those who can make purchases. Both these ways of giving ebooks are very profitable.

Advantages of ebooks over conventional paper books:

These are really cost-efficient and cost nothing to upload or download. All you need is a computer, laptop, or mobile with a broadband Internet connection, which these days are common all over the world. Ebooks can be stored on a computer, CDS, or pen drive, thus they don’t consume too much space for storage unlike conventional paper books. Downloading free e-books can happen in a snap!

Text can be searched automatically and cross-referenced using hyperlinks. They are highly portable and can be downloaded, read and stored easily in the hard-disk or pen drive/CD anywhere from laptops to mobile devices. Ebooks can be posted and read as long as one wants it, it never goes out-of-print, and is always stored in the world-wide-web under appropriate headings. They can help to encourage people to buy various products by clicking on the relevant links.


While about half the available ebooks cost about $4.95 per book, others are free and don’t cost a cent to read. Reputed titles that are often downloaded by online users looking for free ebooks are My Life and Work (by Henry Ford), Siddhartha (by Herman Hess) & Random Reminiscences of Men and Events (by John D. Rockefeller).

How to download?

E-books are an essential part of any internet business industry because of its wide reaching applications. Many publishers usually create ebooks to generate expertise in their niche or product and provide useful information to their potential buyers or prospects.

Online users, who want to read these interesting and free ebooks, need to go to search-engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo! and key in the relevant keywords or subjects such as free eBook David Copperfield (this is just an example) and this way, they can easily download the book of their choice for reading and storing if necessary. You can also find and download them at places like forums, eBook directories and also in niche blogs. Visit the freebie section in each of these sites and get your favorite eBook for free.

Similarly, one can download any book on Engineering, Medicine, Aviation, Travel, Countries, Cities, Routes to take etc., books on history, tips to gardening, cooking recipe books, or any subject they are keen to know about.

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Why Giving Away FREE Ebooks Can Create A Viral Marketing Explosion

I use them and I am sure you have read them as well. I am talking about ebooks and there is one to cover just about any subject you can think of.

How can ebooks help market your business and website?

Using Ebooks as a FREE give away, bonus offer, or even to give other webmasters the writes to give them away can cause a viral marketing affect that can be a powerful part of your SEO Internet Marketing campaign.

There are many places online to list your ebooks for free like ebook distribution websites as well as giving them away as a free bonus gift for a email subscription on your own website.

Now the first thing you may want to do in the ebook development process is to include your website address, live link to your website and even list a small ad on every ebook page. Leave contact information like an email address, business phone number or whatever other information you want to supply in order to receive leads from your ebooks.

I allow others, who receive my ebooks to sell them for a profit, include them in a bundle of other ebooks or give them away as a bonus on their websites. Let other webmasters do your Internet Marketing for you by providing your ebooks to their visitors.

One simple 7 to ten-page ebook can generate a viral marketing affect that has a long lasting return in traffic to your website. As the ebook spreads across the internet it creates valued buzz marketing that can get your brand tremendous visibility.

Going back to eBook distribution sites, you can submit your ebook to hundreds of FREE ebook sites once again creating Viral Marketing. Imagine the impact to your traffic by using these distribution sites to promote and pass on your ebooks in their directories.

Build your brand through ebooks and build a professional label for your business. Go one step further and sell your ebooks yourself for another income stream and at the same time producing Internet Marketing for your website that could spread like wild fire.

Note: Be sure to include reselling rights clearly in your ebooks so the recipient can start the Buzz Marketing, Viral Marketing process with out any miss understandings and delays.

Most ebooks can be created very easily either in PDF or some other eBook writing software, some are FREE.

Start writing your instruction books, tutorials, how to, stories, or what ever and open up a new Internet Marketing avenue.

This article was written by Wayne Hagerty certified Search Engine Internet Marketing [] professional with years of SEO experience. Discover how to increase traffic to your website. FREE Internet marketing news, and more. Succeed online, visit us today at: []

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Free Ebooks: Another Tool for Business Success

You’ve got a great website and business is fair. You know it could be better, but you aren’t sure what to do to improve your traffic. One answer might be to write an ebook promoting your products!

Before you declare that you cannot write a book and think I’m crazy, let me explain how this works.

Ebooks are the easiest way to promote a specific product or help people solve a problem. Giving them away via your website, autoresponder or as a promotion is one of the simplest and best ways to market your other products. For example:

· Ebooks are generally fairly short-20-50 pages in length

· They are limited to one specific topic

· They give quality information people may not have the patience to find themselves

· They solve a problem for the reader

· They display the expertise available through your website or business

· They help to expand your contacts lists via email for future sales and promotions

These are niche specific mini-books, think of it that way. A home decorating business might offer a free ebook on how to install bathroom tile, or a scrapbooking shop may offer one on choosing a layout for a scrapbook page. An antiques shop may offer a free email course on preserving and repairing antique furniture. Each is short and devoted to its particular subject while generating interest in aspects of the business.

You don’t have to write a novel (unless that is what you plan to sell) to get your point across. Visitors to your website enjoy the idea of getting something for free and you get to expand your contacts list when they enter their email to receive the ebook or email course. Delivery can be done by autoresponder and most of your customers will have a PDF reader on their PC so format isn’t an issue.

If you don’t feel that you have the skills to write an ebook, a writing service can do it for you. Ghost writers are happy to take the information and research you provide and deliver a polished product written to your specifications for a reasonable price. The promotional benefits can be more than worth the cost. These same services can write articles promoting your website and services which you can post on your blog or on article directories to establish your mastery of your subject.

While giving away an ebook may seem counter-intuitive, remember that you don’t have to have it printed, there are no shipping costs involved, and you control the amount of information released. The benefits are many and can only improve your profits and customer relations. Isn’t that what business is all about?

Zita Ruediger is an account manager and expert author at Syntactical Ops [] Syntactical Ops helps businesses get noticed on the web with social networking management, SEO, and article marketing. Please email her at [email protected] for more information.

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Website Marketing – Making the Most of eBook Directories

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Expert Author Andrew Fling

People love getting things for free, and eBooks represent a substantial value in the eyes of consumers. and The are two free eBook directories that can provide maximum visibility for your eBook, and traffic to your website.

Get Free eBooks is a free eBook directory where you can read, download and contribute eBooks. For the website marketer, adding an eBook can mean traffic to your website. With an Alexa rating of 25,754, is a great place to drive traffic through eBook submissions.

The eBook Directory

The, like GetFreeEbooks, is a free eBook directory where you can read, download and contribute eBooks. The eBook directory asks that you add a link from your website to the eBook Directory in order for your eBook to be included in their directory.

To make the most of eBook directories, you will need to:

Solve a problem. People aren’t searching for products. They are searching for solutions. Provide it, and your eBook will be a success.

Give it an interesting title. If your eBook title intrigues people they will want to read it.

Offer quality. Rather than getting caught up in how long it should be, remember that quality is what matters most. When you’re finished saying what you need to say, and you have said it well, your book is the perfect length.

Make it a PDF. A PDF (portable document format) document is the best format for easy reading and crisp, clean printing.

Add a link. A link to your website at the bottom of each page will make the hours you invest in the creation of your eBook worthwhile.

Invest in a professionally designed eCover. Great graphic design is often a reason why people choose one product over another, so it is worth the investment. I would recommend that no cover be used if you can’t afford to have it professionally designed. A cover isn’t necessary. It’s just better.

Encourage free distribution. Adding a Creative Commons license at the beginning of your eBook will multiply the benefits of the time you invested.

Create a Compilation. Combine the best articles that you have written for article marketing websites into an eBook. The work you have already done will take on a powerful new role in marketing your website.

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By Andrew Fling at – A Beginners Guide to Building Passive Income Online on the Internet

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